We understand that health and wellness is a personal matter, what works for one may not be suitable for the next. For this reason, we have created a fitness centre that has a lil’ something for everyone – from the fitness fanatic through to the first-time gym goer or individual returning to regular exercise after an absence – we’ve created a welcoming, functional and sophisticated space that will meet your individual needs.

For those that know what they are doing, our boutique gym equipped with various strength and cardio equipment is accessible 24/7. Our Gym + Pool membership includes unlimitted access to our heated outdoor pool and outdoor training areas.

For those that prefer a group setting, our two purpose-built studios facilitate the delivery of over 30 classes a week. The best part? You don’t have to be a member to attend a class. Simply buy a class-pass and book in for your class.


Our gym space is split across two levels, with cardio and free-weights upstairs and functional and strength downstairs, overlooking the pool. Our upstairs gym is air-conditioned year-round and has all of the things you need with none of the stuff you don’t, whilst the outdoor space is the perfect change-up for those that like to train with fresh air and sunlight. 

Here at Th3point we have 3 membership options, all of which provide outstanding value for money.
Whether you are a fitness class fanatic or just want to go-it-alone using our 24/7 gym, we have a membership option for every use case.

Take a look at our 3 primary membership options below, all of which are available on just a 3-month commitment. If you are living locally, we invite you to take up a 12-month membership which reduces the costs below by up to 25% – speak with a member of our team for more information.

Our 24/7 GYM membership gives you access to our gym, outdoor functional space, and pool. Additionally, as a member you have the option to attend classes for $10 per visit.

Want access to classes as well? Our ALL-ACCESS membership is for you. This option gives you everything included in the 24/7 GYM membership as well as unlimited classes in both Studio 01 and Studio 02 and an intro session with a PT and a tailored workout program.

Just want classes? Our Studio 02 membership offers excellent value for money at just $26 per week and grants you unlimited access to 25+ classes per week. These include Yoga, Pilates, Aqua Aerobics, PUMP and more (see timetable below).

Gym + Pool Membership

Our Gym + Pool membership gives you unlimited access to both gym and pool for less than $20 per week. Additionally, as a Gym + Pool member you receive 50% off all Class-Packs, as well as complimentary yoga mat and boxing glove hire, as well as discounts on both tennis and swim programs.

Class Packs

Not keen on Gym or Pool or just more into classes? That’s cool, our pricing model allows you to attend our classes without signing up for a recurring membership – simply purchase a Class Pack and then use the Pack when you choose. If you are a little busy or tired one week then there is no charge, complete freedom and flexibility!



Our purpose-built studios offer a range of fitness programs including yoga, pilates, HIIT, boxing and more.
Explore both of our unique studios below:

Studio 01

No experience required, Studio 01 is home to our boxing inspired programs that are equal parts sophistication and innovation. If you’re looking to sweat than this is the workout for you.

Featuring the unique Aquatraining boxing bags, the super versatile Y-bells, resistance bands, more coloured lights than Xmas, air conditioning to keep you cool at hyper-speed and an endless supply of fresh music, Studio 01 is Brisbane’s most well-rounded fitness experience.

With 4 programs available in Studio 01; BOXA, HIIT, TABATA and our signature COMBO program there is something for everyone.

Book a bag today and experience Th3Point difference!

Studio 02

Filled with warmth and light, Studio 02 is the perfect place to dive deep into your practice.

A warm, timber filled studio with an abundance of light, perched up on the second floor of our fitness centre overlooking our pool and tennis courts. Studio 02 features 3 classes; Yoga, Pilates and PUMP classes – meaning you can get a wide range of workouts in the one space, all on the one membership option.

We have brought Brisbane’s best instructors together under the one-roof, providing an authentic and invigorating wellness experience for every experience level.

Book your mat today and discover a new-self in the warmth of Studio 02.

Class Timetables

There is something for everyone here at Th3Point.
Below you can see the most up-to-date timetables for both Studio 01 and Studio 02. For class bookings, please visit the Client Portal.



Our team of PT and Exercise Physiologists have the experience and knowledge to assist you with your fitness or health related goals.
Each member of our team is available by request, simply click on the trainer below to find out more or get in contact.

Brent Spranklin, Exercise Physiologist


My name is Brent. I am an accredited Australian Exercise Physiologist with over 15 years experience in the Health and Fitness industry. I specialise in personalised exercise instruction for all demographics. With expertise in high level strength and conditioning, boxing instruction, musculoskeletal conditions and chronic health conditions.

Health fund rebates are available for my services.

I am an expert in exercise, health and fitness and I am dedicated to the provision of innovative exercise that is personalised just for you.


I have been a competitive athlete throughout my life with achievements in athletics, boxing and natural bodybuilding. I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my family and friends and I love the outdoors. In my spare time you will find me surfing, running bush trails and exploring new places, either camping or holidaying.

I continually strive to ensure that my body operates at its optimal level by making structured exercise an important, fun and permanent part of my life. I look forward to helping you do the same.

Jeremy, Personal Trainer

My name is Jeremy. I’ve been a Personal Trainer and Health Coach for nearly five years now, I have a very diverse experience and skill set – from your standard ‘slim and trim’ goal oriented clientele,  through to helping models and semi-professional sportsmen find their best possible physique. I can specialize in power lifting, weight loss, bodybuilding, toning and improving athletic performance! On top of my Personal Training qualifications, I also have certifications in nutrition for fat loss and boxing for technique, health and fitness.
In my spare time I’m an actor, performer and freelance writer – and I recently competed in my very first natural bodybuilding competition – walking away with a (not too shabby) 3rd place medal.
My Personal Training ideology and approach is simple – empathy, understanding, and the right kind of motivation and encouragement. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you in and around the gym so we can start working towards your goals togeth

Dan, Personal Trainer


My name is Dan. I’ve been a Personal Trainer & Calisthenics / Boxing Coach for nearly 4 years now, and I am excited to be apart of the team at TH3POINT!

I specialize in functional training, calisthenics and boxing. From beginner to advanced, whether you are wanting to learn and redevelop movement patterns or obtain new skills – from handstands to muscle ups, boxing basics to the ultra-technical, I’m your man!

 Through my experience at competition level across multiple disciplines, I have a deep understanding of controlling and harnessing your bodies potential. In my spare time I’m a calisthenics freestyle athlete and let’s not forget the motor enthusiast within. I recently rehabbed myself back from a complete Achilles rupture – so I understand your physical and mental challenges returning from an injury. 

My approach is about combining the goals of my clients with an underlying functional philosophy to ensure that everything that we work on together can be practically applied to everyday life. If this sounds like what you are looking for then drop me a line and let’s book in for a complimentary assessment and intro session. 

Hit me up!



Book a Court

Become a member

Become a member


Book a court

Book a court


Tennis Coaches

Rob Mark, Head of Tennis

Tennis Coach - ATPCA

Rob has over 25 years of International tennis coaching, playing and management experience. Previously serving as the Head Pro and Tennis Director in numerous top international clubs in USA, Germany, South Africa and Australia. Rob comes from a pedigree of elite Tennis, Rob’s father, the late Bob Mark, was a former world # 10 ranked player, well known as Rod Lavers double partner. 

Rob spent 20 years as the Head Coach at one of Germany’s top tennis clubs, ETUF Essen, a Bundes League club with members including Boris Becker, Magnus Gustofssen, and Philipp Kohlschreiber. As a player, Rob was previously ranked top 50 in South Africa and played the international tournament tour for many years. 

Rob has a Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies form the University of Wales, UK, is certified as an Advanced Pro through the Australian Tennis Professional Coaches Association (ATPCA).

Rob enjoys developing serious players but also believes that tennis’ best value is as a social conduit, a way for people to connect and have whilst exercising. 

If you want to learn more about Tennis at th3point, contact rob below.

Crux - Small Group Training

Th3Point partners with CRUX to deliver small group training services, ideal for those members that want more personalised service and programming then what is available in our larger fitness classes but also prefer the social element and affordability of small group training vs 1-on-1 personal training.

Crux Training’s mission is to enable people to live life, not just exist. We help people overcome obstacles and barriers through strength, movement and nutrition. We wish to inspire you and give you the tools and confidence to live life to it’s fullest potential without limitation.

We offer 1-on-1 personal training as well as our 6-on-1, small group training known as “Squad” training. Our Squad training includes Strength, Olympic Lifting and Athletic based programs.

We limit classes to a maximum of 6 to ensure that we deliver the highest possible standard of coaching whilst allowing a high level or personalisation throughout the sessions. 

Click the button below to find out more!

Drop us your details and our team will call you to discuss the membership options at greater length.